1. Is NexGenHaiti.com a Registered Charity?

No. NexGenHaiti was conceived May 15, 2012. We wanted the children to be able to start the school year in October, 2012. To secure Registered Charity status with Canada Revenue Agency is a 9 month process and would be of no interest to people outside of Canada.

2.  How can I make a financial contribution?

Should you wish to make a donation of $100. or more towards the students tuition, and would like a Tax receipt, you can make your donation to Pierspective Entrade Humanitaire (PEH), which is a Registered Canadian Charity. PEH will then issue you a Tax receipt.    P.E.H. Website:  www.haitiaide.ca

3. Are there any photos of the school that was built in Corail and of the four students?

We have Posted some of the new school at the bottom of this Page. To see photos of the students,  go to the Home Page and click on the Box “Meet The 8  Children We Sponsored”.

4. How did you identify the students who received these scholarships? And how will future students be selected?

Antoine Derose and Dr. Pierre have a key contact in Haiti, Ms. Ficeline Rateau, who is aware of many deserving children needing assistance. NexGenHaiti requested of Ms. Rateau that she select one child from each of eight families that she knew were very serious about their children’s schooling. That way, each child could share with their siblings what they are learning each day. We have posted photos of the students and their Report Cards in “Meet The Students” to share with our supporters. I have their photos on my ‘fridge as a daily reminder that NexGenHaiti is making a difference.

5. Who started NexGenHaiti?

My name is Don Young. I am a proud Canadian and resident of Toronto, ON. I’m a writer-producer in film and television.

6. How many people are involved with NexGenHaiti now?

Including myself … one! But obviously I can’t achieve very much acting alone. My hope is that people in many countries will be so inspired with the possibility of making a measurable, lasting difference in Haiti, they’ll get involved and help take NexGenHaiti’s message to people around the world. I’ll welcome all offers to get involved. The only limits to what we can achieve collectively are the limits we place upon ourselves.




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