NexGenHaiti – How It Began

In May, 2012, I began Landmark Education’s Leadership Program in Toronto, Ontario. It’s a four-month Course that requires each participant to conceive a Project that can be local or international in reach, that improves people’s lives and which had to be launched by August 21, the final day of the Course.

On Day One, I learned there had been many Projects launched in this Program which had gone on to have astounding success. Some had very modest goals of raising a few hundred dollars which ultimately raised millions! It was very inspiring to hear what these average people had been able to accomplish, simply because they believed they could, and they didn’t allow themselves to be limited by fears of failure, or looking bad.

I decided my Project would be to provide tuition for boys and girls to attend school in Haiti, and I knew I could count on the support of my friends with Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire. When I told Antoine Derose about my Project, NexGenHaiti, he was very excited and he introduced me to their contact person in Haiti, Fisline Rateau. I asked her to select two boys and two girls from four families to receive the first scholarships to attend school in Haiti.

Two weeks later, Fisline provided me with the names of the four boys and girls she had selected, and the invoice for their first year of schooling. I have to admit it was a scary feeling knowing I had given my personal guarantee to pay for these kids’ schooling through University. But I also knew that for these kids, getting a free education was like winning the Lottery, and they would embrace their studies with serious dedication.


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  1. Rohia Popal says:

    This is a beautiful cause and definitely worthy of a lot of support! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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