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It’s seven years since we identified the four children who were the first to receive scholarships to attend Elementary school in Tabarre, Haiti. On October 8, 2012, the two boys, Edwiche and Richecardy had their first day in Grade 1, and the girls, Ashley and Medjine began classes in Grade 2. During the school year, their grateful parents provided NexGenHaiti with photos of their children, as well as their Report Cards so we can see the Classes they are taking and how they’re doing with each one!  When I look at their photos on these pages, it’s very humbling to reflect how my modest effort has made a significant difference in the lives of these children. Dr. Eric Pierre and Antoine Derose told me that for these children and their parents, receiving these Scholarships ‘is comparable to us winning the jackpot in the Lottery.’  There are 100’s of thousand’s of children in Haiti who will likely never have the opportunity to attend School in Haiti, and without an education, they are doomed to a life of poverty and desolation.

Our contact people in Haiti tell us ‘the list is very long’ of parents who have registered to be considered for NexGenHaiti scholarships. We can’t support all these children, of course, but we are committed to providing financial assistance for as many children as possible, right through to the completion of their University degree.  With NexGenHaiti now sponsoring four more students beginning in September, 2017, our commitment to pay the annual tuition for these eight students through University graduation will be at least $125,000. But when I think of what the future now holds for these eight children, the careers they can have and being able to support their families, it’s a wonderful feeling! The beautiful children’s photos are below …







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